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Select Global Review

Select Global is a Forex and CFD broker that claims to offer unparalleled trading services. In as much as Select Global is trying so hard to make traders believe they’re credible, the truth is that Select Global is operating illegally since they aren’t regulated by any financial agency.

The first thing that Select Global does not want traders to realize is that they are not operating their service in a legitimate way.

Moreover, Select Global claims to provide “perfect one-stop trading service suitable for investors with different experience.”

This is a false statement given that Select Global is not overseen by any regulatory watchdog. So how can they possibly provide the best trading services for client? It’s clearly a lie.

Having said this, we’ll proceed with details why Select Global is a scam. Keep reading this review to get the facts.

Select Global Review


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Select Global Review

Select Global proclaims that they provide CFDs and Forex pairs for trading.

If that is the case, we want to see details on trading conditions, trading terms and the number of currency pairs offered.

Unfortunately, most of this information is not presented on the Select Global website. So it is safe to assume that Select Global is a White label broker.

Moreover, we believe Select Global is here to mislead new traders who don’t know the difference between a white label service and a top rated Forex broker.

Select Gloabal Scam

Everything is lining up perfectly to the direction as to why this broker is a scam.

There are many lies on their website. They are not regulated either but would like traders to think that Select Global renders a professional service.

All of these lies were made up to mislead traders and potentially steal money from them.

Select Global Scam broker

Select Global : All the lies

Apart from claiming to offer unparalleled trading conditions, this broker is also claiming protection of clients’ funds.

Safety of funds is a privilege enjoyed by those traders that invest with only licensed brokers.

We want to know how exactly this unregulated company is going to segregate traders money from company operational account and what will happen to clients’ monies in case the company becomes bankrupt.

They claim to be one of the best known CFD contracts brokers but the people behind their website are faceless individuals who are not willing to disclose their identity.

They’ve only left an email address and a virtual address in UK. These details does not say anything about a company and the legitimacy of its operations.

Furthermore, they claim that the company was founded by financial and e-commerce professionals and has grown rapidly to become a renowned forex trader.

This information is definitely misleading, plus a dubious broker like this one is not expected to speak the truth.

Is Select Global Legit?

They’re not disclosing company details, the faces behind this operation and their registration status. This would have helped us verify a lot of information about this company.

But as you can see, the scam broker has decided to keep it a secret. On the other hand, if they were regulated, this information would have been proudly displayed on the footer of the website.

Therefore, it’s safe to assume that Select Global is not regulated and is not securing one anytime soon.

Regulation is one single most important factor when it comes to the safety of your funds. If a broker is not regulated, don’t trust them with your money as they could steal it.

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Select Global Review Conclusion

You cannot trade with a broker like Select Global. They’re basically operating like HexallyTradeVtech and many of those shady brokers.

You need to avoid Select Global at all cost and thank us later.

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