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Quantum Emperor EA: A Neutral Review

Quantum Emperor EA is a Forex robot that claims to transform your approach to trading the GBPUSD pair. Let’s delve into its features, strategy, and pricing to see if it lives up to the hype.

Quantum Emperor EA


Unveiling the Features of the Quantum Emperor EA

Quantum Emperor EA boasts a unique strategy that sets it apart from the crowd. It takes a single trade and divides it into seven smaller positions. This approach aims to provide finer control over trades, allowing for quicker adjustments in response to market movements. Additionally, the EA’s strategy for managing losing trades catches the eye. Instead of closing losing positions outright, it divides the next trade into seven parts and gradually uses profits from winning trades to close out the losing positions. This intriguing strategy aims to optimize risk management and potentially turn losses into gains.

Strategy and Approach

Quantum Emperor EA’s method of managing trades certainly sounds innovative, emphasizing adaptability and risk management. However, it’s essential to note that while the concept is interesting, the actual success of the strategy in various market conditions remains to be seen.

Pricing Structure

The promotional price of $599.99 USD is undoubtedly enticing, offering a 40% discount. However, the looming increase to $999.99 USD and the subsequent $100 increase after every 10 purchases could give some traders pause. The final price of $4999.99 USD might be a deterrent for many, especially considering the wide array of expert advisors available in the market.

Considerations and Recommendations

It’s crucial to approach Quantum Emperor EA with a realistic perspective. While the seven-trade division strategy has potential, it’s important to understand that there might be instances when it doesn’t yield the desired results. Moreover, the lack of in-depth insight into the strategy’s intricacies could leave traders seeking more clarity.

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As for compatibility, the recommended currency pair (GBPUSD) and timeframe (H1) give a clear direction. The minimum deposit requirement of $500 might be considered relatively high by some traders, especially when compared to other expert advisors with lower deposit requirements.

Developer Background

One noteworthy point is the developer’s zero experience in the Forex robot marketplace. This might raise concerns about the EA’s development, testing, and ongoing support. Traders often value the expertise and track record of developers in ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of trading tools.


Quantum Emperor EA introduces a thought-provoking strategy that departs from traditional trading approaches. Its unique method of handling losing trades is both intriguing and potentially advantageous. However, the success of this strategy remains to be seen in real-world trading scenarios. The pricing structure could be a deciding factor for many potential buyers. When considering this EA, it’s important to balance its innovative features with the developer’s lack of experience and the evolving nature of the Forex market. As with any trading tool, due diligence and careful consideration are advised before making a decision.

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