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Peannifix Review (Fake Investment Platform!)

Peannifix is an online company that offers investment in crypto, Forex and Binary respectively. Peannifix.net purports to be an investment firm operating out of Ontario Canada but their plans suggests they are a HYIP. Never invest in a HYIP because they actually recycle investor funds instead of participating in real financial trading.

Peannifix Review


Peannifix – Scam or Not?

Actually Peannifix is trying to fool us by using fake photos to depict team members. Think about it. Someone using fake pictures to introduce their team is actually hiding from you but why is this the case? So far, things are not adding up with this Peannifix. But this scam wants you to disregard things and just act on pure faith. Am afraid their website is not even registered as a company anywhere in the world. The only way to send fund to these people is via cryptocurrencies, which is also a huge red flag.

Peannifix Scam

In fact, Peannifix is yet another fraudulent scheme that is out to get your money. So, don’t hurry into investing without reading this article first.

Peannifix Features

Peannifix is said to be the next generation exchange that helps investors all over the world to achieve financial freedom through their different investment options. Peannifix offers clients geographical, asset and risk diversification across investment products and Investments through regulated funds, single asset mandates.

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Peannifix Features

Peannifix offers a mashup of Crypto, Forex and Binary investments with various ROI respectively.

The Crypto asset is the largest with 5 categories. Minimum deposit is $1000 and ROI extends up to 80% monthly. The Binary investment with 4 categories seems to be the most profitable with up to 150% monthly ROI for 12times, requiring a minimum deposit of $1000 to enter the most basic category.

The Forex investment offers the lowest returns relatively with a maximum ROI of 25% for 3 times. The Forex investment requires a minimum of $10000 for the basic category.

Unrealistic ROI

This is yet another ridiculous area where scammers running HYIP programs will appeal to the appetites of financial daydreamers. Peannifix proclaims to provide monthly returns for their investment plans for different number of times respectively. This ranges from 15% monthly ROI for 3 times to 150% monthly for 12 times.

These figures are obviously nonsensical as anyone who has traded the financial markets, whether Bitcoin, Binary or Forex knows they can’t be achieved.

Peannifix ROI

So what exactly is this scam trying to tell us? As a matter of fact, Peannifix wants to take our intelligence for a ride.

Fake Team

Another huge red flag is the team members that Peannifix claims. They are using fake and stolen images to portray images of their team members. The picture of Audrey P Weiser, a co-founder of Peannifix is fake and stolen from someone called Carlos Broderick twitter page.

This is ridiculous, no legitimate company can do that. The Peannifix fake team make us believe that it is a plain scam.

Peannifix team

Is Peannifix Legit?

Peannifix says it is located in Canada where financial services are strictly regulated. They also claim to have development office in Netherlands.

However, the company provides no information whatsoever about having an authorization from the financial regulators of these countries.

Providing this information is required by the law, so we have to assume that Peannifix has no authorization to sell investment offerings to the public.

In other words, Peannifix is acting illegally, it is fraudulently soliciting funds from the public without authorization. This is a huge red flag.

Peannifix Review – Verdict

There are many scams like Peannifix on the internet. The easiest way to spot them is to go to their investment plans and see whether they are promising astronomical returns that is not feasible.

Even if returns make sense, demand some evidence that proves they are trading the markets.

Peannifix runs an illegal financial services and offers impossible returns, which makes it a scam. Please stay away.

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