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Pacitrade Review – Ruthless Scam Exposed!

Pacitrade is an online investment site that promises daily commissions up to 40%. They claim that they are using automated investing to earn passive income for clients.

Even if there is no official warning out there just yet, it is safer to consider these free trading tools that will give you a better chance of making real money through trading than risk recommending an anonymous service like Pacitrade.

Based on our analysis of this service, we feel that they are not to be trusted 100%.

Our review will provide reasons as to why we feel this is yet another scam trading provider masquerading as a legit investing site.

Pacitrade Review


Pacitrade Review

Their presentation approach does not provide enough information so that investors can make a decision without calling or emailing them.

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In fact, their about us page is not even providing details of company executives or people involved. Instead, they are using this space to provide an overview of their investment model. The investment strategy involves the use of AI technology developed by the Pacitrade team. They claim to have optimized the system to obtain maximum profitability. Pacitrade is also using this opportunity to tell us how fast their payment can be.

Other than these details, the company is not disclosing who they are and what level of experience they’ve had in the investing arena. Most websites that operate like this make these promises but are actually not participating in any kind of investing.

We need to make sure that pacitrade is doing what they claim by showing us evidence of their investment activities.

Pacitrade Redflags

We generally don’t feel comfortable investing with people who are completely anonymous. The website of Pacitrade is only providing their phone number, but we don’t know who the company CEO is and this makes it difficult to trust them in the first place. Instead of operating the website anonymously, they should actually consider using their about us page to post their professional profiles.

Secondly, Pacitrade is an unregulated anonymous broker that falsely claims to be licensed by the FDIC and SEC, whic are both US licensing bodies.

Pacitrade Scam

The issue is that Pacitrade is nowhere to be found in the SEC EDGAR registry of financial services provider filing. In other words, what we have here is an anonymous entity that makes an outright false claim. This is enough to brand Pacitrade a scam even without an official warning against them.

You cannot make any profit with an outright scam like Pacitrade, that is anonymous, unregulated, and faking legitimacy in the United States.

Pacitrade Breakdown

Address – None

Minimum deposit – $50

Maximum return – 9.1%

Registration – None

License – Unlicensed

Pacitrade offers 4 investment plans designated as Oil price, Oil ETFs, Oil and Gas and Company Share. Deposit requirement ranges from $50 to $50,000, and max return ranges from 4.7% ROI in 55days to 9.1% ROI in 88days. They did not provide any company address but there is a phone number in United states. They are 100% anonymous with no company registration and licensing documents. Pacitrade does not provide in-depth information about their service and prefers to engage their customers through phone calls or email for further details. This method is used by highly suspicious websites claiming to offer reliable investment management services.

Pacitrade investment plans

Trading Performance

Lastly, we’re looking at the investment performance of this company. Pacitrade claims to have operated for years and since then optimized their trading system for maximum profits.

So where are the results for the past years that they’ve been running this service? Their website does not provide this information. It appears that the service only wants to disclose these results privately through email with their clients. This approach can be considered unprofessional because it shows the company lacks transparency.


When it comes to investment matters, we don’t want to take their word for it. We usually consider evidence of profitable trading through verifiable results. Pacitrade has not provided these results so far.

We’re also concerned with the fact that this company is being operated 100% anonymously. Why would they hide their faces if they are legitimate?

Also, Investment managers in the US are required to be regulated by the CFTC. They also required to report their activities to the SEC. Pacitrades claims to be regulated by FDIC and SEC, but these are all lies.

We can consider all of these things a huge red flag.  Websites like Pacitrade are run by seasoned fraudsters who will rip you off ruthlessly. Best stay away from Pacitrade and the likes of it and deal only with properly regulated brokers.

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$50 -$50,000












  • Nice website
  • Automated investing concept


  • Unlicensed (Scam!)
  • No corporate details
  • No verified result
  • Fake license and testimonials
  • Anonymous

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