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Merlin Invest Ltd Review

Merlin Invest Ltd is an investment company that wants to trade on your account for a fixed percentage. Based on how the website is presenting the services of this portfolio manager, we feel that they are scam and not a reliable and profitable investment manager.

The website of Merlin Invest is very unstable and goes offline most of the times. This is a trick scammers often use to hide from financial regulators and investigators.

We need to know for sure that our funds are being handled by the most experienced traders who will not waste our time and end up losing our money. This is difficult to verify but apart from this, Merlin Invest website is still not convincing us that they are a reliable investment asset manager.

Having said this, we’ll provide some quick points about Merlin Invest to ponder about this service because we don’t trust it anyway.


Merlin Invest Review

According to the marketing materials appearing on merlininvestltd.com, this company is engaging in asset management where they allegedly trade crypto for clients. We usually analyse an investment website and check for features of legitimacy before we make a recommendation.

The Merlin Invest we are reviewing today is somehow a confused website. The claim to be a property company in Netherlands but provides a screenshot of company registration with a different name in New Zealand.

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Merlin Invest ltd Scam

Since huge monies are involved in this operation, it only makes sense for these people to exercise maximum transparency and consistency with their clients.

Is Merlin Invest Legit?

No, Merlin Invest is not a regulated service provider, so they can not be legit. Better check our list of trustworthy and regulated brokers instead.

Merlin Invest says to be owned and operated by Merlin Invest Ltd supposedly based in Netherlands. And because Netherlands is an EU member country, all financial service firms there should fully comply with the EU regulatory rules.

This basically means that the company should be licensed and authorized either by the local regulatory authorities, in this case The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets or any other reliable authority in the European union.

And what we expected from a completely anonymous site, Merlin Invest is just not regulated anywhere, which basically means that they are a scam.

Trading Performance

Merlin Invest claims that they will generate 10% daily ROI from trading the deposits of their clients. While this is interesting, we would still like to see what returns they’ve achieved in the past.

Merlin Invest Account

In that case, the fund manager should have created a trading account with a statement sharing service like myfxbook.com. From here, we can clearly see the statistics of their trading activities in the market and decide whether this is the best investment manager.

So far, Merlin Invest does not have proof of this performance on their website. They have failed to prove that they are indeed trading and can yield the alleged fixed 10% daily return.

Merlin Invest Scam

Even when we consider the location of this company, we find it very disappointing that they are claiming registration of another different company, a system always associated with shady investment services.

This company is most likely associated with another scam broker that will help with collecting funds from victims. While the victim might think that the funds are being deposited in his own account with his own name, the truth is that the brokerage website may belong to the same people who run Merlin Invest Ltd. In this case, the scammers will just collect your money and run away with it.


The conclusion is that Merlin Invest is not a trustworthy investment service. They need to come out in a transparent way to convince us otherwise. There is no way that you will be making money with an unregulated asset manager with no proof of trading performance, because it is more than questionable if you will be able to withdraw even a single dollar.

Therefore, we won’t recommend them as we would like to protect our audience from shady websites like merlin invest ltd.

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