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King Mining Review

King Mining is a fake online mining programe claiming to offer the easiest ways to make the biggest profits investing in blockchain.

King Mining Review

According to the promotion materials appearing on the official website, the vendor claims that their mining programe will generate ”maximum profits up to 300% of the investment value”. Nevertheless, we know that crypto mining is no more as profitable as they claim.

This review proves that King Mining whose web address can be found at bitcoinnami.io is a total scam and does no legitimate mining.


King Mining Review

This website is particularly a well put scam that manages to trick users into sending huge monies, thanks to a clean, aesthetic look and feel.

They use the best choice of theme and quick words to persuade visitors to sign up with the intent of stealing from them.

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King Mining Scam

We’ve looked at a number of factors as well as community feedback from experts before concluding that it’s a scam.

100% Anonymous Mining

King Mining is promising investors who are willing to pay for their programe 5 – 12% monthly profit with just from $500 investment.

Exciting as it may sound, bear in mind that King Mining is operating 100% anonymous. Owners of this fake services are nowhere to be seen.

The executives are 100% anonymous. Are you supposed to trust their services?

No Mining Contract

This is another important feature that King Mining site is missing. They claim to cut out intermediaries and eliminates the need for costly mining.

However, a recognized mining service is one that has a profitable and reliable mining contracts to provide services.

King Mining claims to be mining but there’s zero evidence. You can’t for sure no what you are buying by looking at their website.

King Mining Breakdown

Address: None

Minimum deposit: $500

Maximum return: 12%

Registration: None

Minining contract: None.


BTCN is not a cryptocurrency and no cryptocurency is mined at King Mining.

It’s not a registered firm and their is no details about their mining center to see what kind of activity is going on there. This is an anonymous and dubious website run by financial criminals.

That said, there seems to be loads of negative feedback on King Mining in various online trading forums and websites, which only confirms our suspicion that this service is a scam and should be avoided.

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King Mining











  • None


  • Anonymous
  • Few mining details
  • No mining center
  • Ponzi schem

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