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HLM Investment Aps Review

HLM Investment Aps is a platform that claims to earn money by arbitration.  The site was set up in November 2020 but they are claiming that their business was founded in 11 January 2018. They claim that HLM Investment Aps analytical experts are able to predict the movements in currency exchange & cryptocurrency market with best accuracy. None of them have been introduced on the website of Hlm Investment Apps.

HLM Investment Aps Review


HLM Investment Aps – Trusted or Not?

According to the certificate of registration, this scam is registered under the name HLM Investment Aps. The date of registration is 11th of January 2018 which is obviously a lie because there’s no way they could have created a company without a website. The company is allegedly based in København K1265, Denmark. Ownership information is not known. HLM Investment Aps masquarades as an Investment Funds and similar financial entities but in the real sense, this is a Hyip.

High-yield investment program (HYIP) is a fraudulent investment scheme that purports to deliver extraordinarily high returns on investment. HYIPs often advertise yields of more than 100% per year in order to lure in victims and regularly use new investors’ money to pay off older investors. At a point, a HYIP will stop paying and if you ask them why, you will never get a response because they are basically scams.

HLM Investment Aps Breakdown

HLM investment Aps promises the following features

  • Accepts a Minimum Deposit of $20
  • Investment principle return
  • Offers Referral Commission up to 5%
  • Instant Withdraw
  • HLM Investment Aps uses trading bots
  • They work with different exchanges
  • It allows to earn money on arbitration.

It is unknown the crypto exchanges that HLM Investment Aps work with. Probably, this scam is working in tandem with rogue exchanges that will help siphon funds easily.

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With HLM Investment Aps scam, all deposits go into the pockets of the scammers directly as there’s no exchange involved. Once that happens, an investor is in the mercies of the crooks who run this website.

Another thing to note is that HLM Investment Aps is working with exchanges that are only accepting deposit in cryptocurrency and other anonymous services. These payment methods are highly unreliable and risky because if you accept to deposit funds into the HLM Investment Aps platform using these methods, there will be no chance to retrieve your money in the event that this scam takes away your money.

This is how cryptocurrency scams work on the internet.

HLM Investment Aps Accounts

HLM Investment Aps has 4 investment plans with referral commissions up to 5%.

The standard account allows for minimum deposit of $20 and promises returns of 15% in 24hours. The Pro and Executive accounts goes for $500 minimum and promises 25% ROI in 2days and 50% ROi in 5days respectively.

The premium account is the highest and it promises 100% returns after 5days with minimum deposit requirement of $5000.

HLMinvestment Aps Accounts

Unrealistic ROI

HLM Investment offerings allegedly generates returns up to the tune of 100% in 5days, which is more than what the best financial fund manager offer. Why would they be this generous to anyone and not utilize their knowledge and resources to enrich themselves?

HLM referral program

HLM Investment Aps offers a 5% referral system. This means that when you bring others to HLM investment Aps, you will gain additional 5% commission when the sign up and make deposit.

HLM Investment Aps Referral

Is HLM Investment Aps Legit?

HLM Investment Investment is not licensed or authorized as they claim in Denmark. Anyone can open a virtual company but at last, investing with them will only lead to severe risks and money losses.

The individuals that are behind this scams can do whatever they please with your money. HLM Investment does not segregate the funds of clients and the firm does not have a parent company to be accounted for.

The people that are behind this project are unknown and it will be hard for the authorities to go after the project in the case it becomes insolvent.

HLM investment Review – Verdict

Don’t try investing with a scam like HLM Investmet Aps because you will clearly lose your money. HLM Investment Aps claims to be founded in 2018. This period is enough to acquire a valid license from areas it is targeting investors from. Additionally, the entity should also publish its trading results for us to see.

It’s now up to you to decide. This Crypto Investment Platforms will help you make money as there’s 100% transparency. Funds are held at a segregated bank account separate from broker’s operational account.

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