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Hexally Review

Hexally is a new Forex and CFD broker that offers a cutting edge trading technology and a wide selection of assets for trading.

Hexally also claims to provide traders with safest and most advanced trading software in the market. Allegedly, they have reached the $76+ Billion trading volume per month and over 1.3+ million registered accounts in their portfolio.


Hexally Review

The broker is allegedly based Offshore in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and assures traders that they will provide the right trading conditions for all experience.

Hexally offers 3 account types namely traditional ($250 minimum deposit), Business ($2500 minimum deposit) and VIP ($25000 minimum deposit).

Leverages extends from 1:100 upto 1:300 on the VIP account. The traditional and  business account is commission free with spread from 1.5pip at the traditional account and 1.3pip at the business account. The zero spread VIP account attracts a commission fee of 4.4Euros.

Hexally Review

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Looking at their account types, we realize that Hexally is not implementing ECN conditions by default in all their account types.

You have to choose their VIP account if you want these trading conditions. However, this will cost you a minimum deposit of $25,000, which is quite a huge amount.

Hexally Scam

Hexally is considered not safe, as it is located offshore and not regulated and licensed by top-tier financial authorities, like the CySEC in Europe, UK FCA, the Australian ASIC and the US CFTC.

Making money with their platform will be an impossible task even if you use the best Forex robot that the community is recommending.

Unlicensed Trading Platform

Despite offering their own custom web trader and the popular MetaTrader software for trading and also accepting the standard $250 as minimum deposit, this broker has no license from any financial regulator whatsoever.

If you run a background check on the search portals of the most popular financial regulators, you will not find the name of the company that runs Hexally.com.

Not only is this illegal, but it also gives us enough hints concerning the nature of the people who run the website.

Furthermore, your money cannot be safe if you trade with an unregulated Forex broker no matter how much they persuade you to trust them.

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Hexally is not regulated, there’s no way we can recommend an unregulated and risky broker like Hexally.com. The risk is just too high, please stay away from them.

If you want good brokers, please consider selecting the ones recommended on this broker page as they are regulated and reputable.

2 thoughts on “Hexally Review”

  1. Nachdem ich 250 Euro bei Hexally einzahlen wollte, rief mich der Sicherheitsdienst der Kreditkarten Bank an und sagte mir das ein betrügerischer Broker an mein Geld wollte und hat die Kreditkarte dauerhaft gesperrt.
    Hände Weg von Hexally.

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