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Elite Forex Pro Review

Elite Forex Pro is a website that claims to be the first and safest crypto asset investment firm. As if that is not enough, they’re promising absolute guaranteed profit and full return on your investment.

Elite Forex Pro also claims to provide the fastest trading using modern technologies, no delays in order executions and most accurate quotes.

They provide immediate access to cryptocurrencies, stock indices, commodities and forex, except that Elite Forex Pro are simply not regulated anywhere and basically display all the signs of a scam.


Elite Forex Pro Review

Their marketing materials claims that Elite Forex Pro was formed with a vision to create 100% transparent digital trading experience for its clients. Allegedly, Elite Forex Pro has qualified financiers/traders that manage and provide financial consulting services to her investors.

They perform “world class professional customer service, unique trading strategies, optimum transparency and fidelity” to achieve results for investors. Investors are only required to sign up and pay for any of their account types to start earning.

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Elite Forex Pro Scam

This website is providing general information of what they do and also covers basic features of what we should expect. However, we can find evidence all over to suggest that they are actually a ponzi scheme. Their customer reviews are also false and cannot be verified from any third party website.

Elite forex pro Review

Despite evidence of lies all over the Elite Forex Pro website, they still claim to offer an opportunity for generating passive income. In addition to this, they promise security of deposits, instant withdrawals and 24/7 support.

What we don’t know is the backgrounds of the people who run this company, their experience and what their trading strategies look like.

Elite Forex Pro Breakdown

Address – 27 Old Gloucester Street London UK WC1N 3AX

Minimum deposit – $100

Maximum return – 100% (Platinum account)

Registration – Yes

License – Unlicensed

Elite Forex Pro offers 4 account types and investment returns – Silver (30%), Gold (50%), Diamond (60%), Platimum (100%). Required deposits ranges from $100 – 200k. Elite Forex Pro does not produce evidence of payouts which they’ve made, despite claiming to generate 30-100% ROI. In fact, those daily returns are quite high and impossible to attain in a normal trading scenario. So one is easily convinced that Elite Forex Pro is actually a ponzi HYIP scheme as opposed to a legitimate trading company.

Elite Forex Pro

Elite Forex Pro License

They claim to be registered in the UK but are not showing us their FCA licensing number. The UK financial regulator requires anyone providing financial services and targeting UK citizens to be registered with them but this is not the case with Elite Forex Pro.

The problem of investing with an unregulated company is that they will not guarantee refunds in case the company is liquidated. Funds are often mixed with company’s operation capital instead of using a segregated account.

Furthermore, if the company is unregulated, there is no compensation for investors who will find themselves in an awkward position with the company. Lastly, Ponzi schemes never qualify for licensing by any financial regulator, yet they claim to generate passive income for their investors.


Don’t send any money to these unregulated crooks as they are not trading but rather paying out from deposits. If they can’t tell you this in advance, then it means they are thieves. They will come up with all sorts of excuses not to give you your deposit.

They will obviously collect your contact info during registration. They can even decide to export and sell this information to third party marketers.

In short, Elite Forex Pro is not a serious investing opportunity. It is just a ponzi scheme.

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Elite Forex Pro













  • Detailed website


  • Unregulated!
  • No verified result
  • Fake customer reviews
  • Fake US registeration
  • Anonymous

100% Verified Investment Services

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BDswissYesCySEC, US NFA, FSC$100

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