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Delcro Limited Review (DelcroLimited.com)

Delcro Limited is the name of an online service that claims to offer totally safe and secure investing environment. The official website of Delcro Limited can be found at delcrolimited.com, which is also the subject of our review today.

Delcro Limited is purporting to offer fund management and are also claiming to be registered in New Zealand.

The services at DelcroLimited.com website is different from the original New Zealand based company and it can therefore be concluded that Delcrolimited.com is an illegal and misleading financial service.

They allegedly operate from very sizable market share in Oceania, Europe, North and South America, a claim that can only be taken with a pinch of salt since Delcro Limited website is full of unverified information.

In this review, we will be looking at this plus many other claims.

Delcro Limited Review


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Delcro Limited Review

They want to offer investors opportunity to “earn money by investing”.

They want investors to know that they are totally safe and secure investing environment in business since 2007.

They even claim that Delcro Limited is a team of experienced traders and financial analyst who have years of experience in different markets.

They offer a combination of daily and monthly return on investment (ROI). Average daily returns range from 3-5% for 5 days while the monthly ROI is 10%.

Delcro Limited Investment plans

I’m hoping this information can be verified via a third party auditing platform like myfxbook.com. This is the most popular statement sharing and auditing platform for those who claim to make trading investment.

Is Delcro Limited Legit?

Delcro Limited claims it operates from the UK, but it does not have a license with the regulatory body in the country. See screenshot of Delcro Limited UK claims.

Delcro Limited Scam

In order for it to provide its services in the UK, the broker would need a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We discovered it does not have one. We consulted the register of FCA licensed companies to know that.

For this reason, we are sure that Delcro Limited does not operate from the address it has posted. No legitimate investment service would need to fake its location, Delcrolimited.com is a fake website!

Is Delcro Limited Scam?

Delcro Limited is a scam! In fact, their investment plans have ROIs that are totally unrealistic. Stick with licensed investment firms if you wish to turn a profit.

So, basically, Delcro Limited is offering up to 5% daily ROIs just from alleged trading activities. This means 150% per month, which is a totally ridiculous number. No legitimate investment company can achieve this kind of monthly returns. Also, any offer with steady daily returns is always very suspicious, because financial markets don’t behave the same way every day. There are periods of almost no price action, meanwhile other times there is wild volatility.

The problem is that, in trading you will never have steady daily returns, it is impossible. What we described above is the reason behind this. Watch out for firms that offer steady daily returns on trading.

Delcro Limited Breakdown

Address – Fake

Minimum deposit – $100

Maximum return – 10% monthly

Referral – 10%

Registration – Fake

License – Unlicensed


Delcro Limited is an unauthorized investment service and a scam.

It’s easy to throw around numbers but if you’re legit about trading, you should have no problem presenting stats from a verified third party platform. It makes the service look more credible and authentic.

At the moment, Delcro Limited hopes to capture investors through the benefit of doubt rather than by delivering a verified track record and proof of trading.

Secondly, company background details are unclear and contradicting. We would like to learn more about the faces behind the platform before we can even put a cent in Delcro Limited investment services.

Thanks for reading this Delcro Limited review. If you’re a customer or have something to say, please leave your comments below.

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