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Cryptovil Review

Cryptovil is a website that claims to be a verified crypto investment platform. This is an almost one-page website claiming to be the biggest crypto investment platform, Offering the best investment rates and fast cashout.

Investors of Cryptovil are promised various amounts of profits on investment if they subscribe to any of the company’s 4 investment plans.

Cryptovil Review

So in this Cryptovil review, we will help you make a decision whether or not this company is worth spending your money on.


Is Cryptovil Legit?

On their ‘About Us’ page, Cryptovil is said to be owned by a company called CRYPTO BTC TRADE LIMITED located in Cardiff, United Kingdom. Also a google tool is showing an office address in the United States.  On the same page, we see them referring themselves with another name ‘Crypto Forex Financial’ that provides a world class trading experience.

If the broker is truly operating from any of the locations mentioned above, which are strictly regulated jurisdictions, it should be licensed and authorized by the financial authorities in UK or the United States as for example the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Regrettably Cryptovil or any of their alliances are not regulated anywhere. We diligently checked the registers of the FCA and the US SEC and no company by the name of CRYPTO BTC TRADE LIMITED was to be found there which brings the Cryptovil trust to nearly nothing.

The problem with all unregulated brokers, is that they can not be trusted, they tend to be completely unaccountable for the way they handle your funds, and basically nearly 100% of them are involved in scam. Not to mention that such websites as a rule are virtually anonymous.

It is true that Cryptovil displays a post box address in UK, but you should agree that without a license that means absolutely nothing considering their corporate background is unsurprisingly questionable.

Cryptovil Scam

Cryptovil is said to be made of 6 dedicated team members with125 years combined experience and 10 years experience in blockchain technology.

You can search for their existence but to save you the stress, we have researched extensively and found out that these team members are fake and their photos were stolen from different internet websites.

Checkout the photo of Logan Perez, the so called CEO of Cryptovil, we found out that the picture is a viral stock photo that was used severally for online publications – the most striking one being in an article ”13 Characteristics Of Sigma Males That Set Them Apart From The Rest”. Take a look.Cryptovil ScamWe do not know where the truth lies because once you see these kinds of offers, you must be suspicious and not trust everything they say concerning who they are, their experience etc.

We have serous doubts about this website and are advising the community to instead consider these reliable trading tools.

Cryptovil Investment

We do not encourage investors to join Cryptovil or any similar MLM/ponzi scheme. This is not genuine investing. Furthermore, they claim to be running a bot. We would like to see the results of this ‘high tech robots’ to believe the story.

These lies are very common on the internet nowadays. You just have to be careful because you will even find that the company in question doesn’t offer any trading bots.

When you see a company marketing based on referral commissions, you should run away as fast as you can. It is a ponzi scheme.

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  • Corporate registration


  • Unlicensed
  • Unrealistic Returns
  • Fake team profile
  • No verified result
  • ponzi scheme

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