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Coinmack Review

Coinmack.co is an investment service that claims to offer an award winning automated trader that is based on the Forex and Binary software. Coinmack is seeking clients across the globe by promising them a reliable, consistent and profitable financial assistance.

In addition to this, they claim to offer both professionals and new beginners opportunity to invest and earn from Forex and Binary options trade.

The company is allegedly investing in Forex and binary options and also providing an opportunity for investment in the crypto markets through automated crypto mining hardware.

Coinmack Review

This website is already suspicious and we can’t recommend it to any investor who is reading this review. If you want to invest and actually make money, consider these  trading resources.


Coinmack Review

Coinmack is promoting its services by claiming to offer “award winning automated trader”  providing trading services and financial support for both retail and institutional clients. They want investors to know that Coinmack is providing the best trading signals, software and strategies for investors.

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There are 5 account types available to choose. The minimum deposit required to open account for their trading activities range from $100 – $50,000. The service intends to provide up to 40% return in 5days.

Coinmack account

They claim that trading is undertaken on various assets which also include buying and selling of security stocks, bonds, mutual funds, financial lending, and Automated trading services in currencies, commodities, indexes and leveraged financial instruments.

They don’t introduce their traders and financial assistants, which makes it difficult for us to run our background checks.

Is Coinmack Legit?

Coinmack provided a certificate with registration number ACN 87 621 466 608. The certificate is allegedly from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

However, something peculiar is happening in the aforementioned registration details.

When we researched their registration details, it led us to to another organization whose company name is The Coin Company Pty, not Coinmack Investment Company. Also, a domain research shows that the Coinmack.co website was first registered on 2021-01-29 while the certificate at hand was issued in 2019.

This means that Coinmack did not exist in 2019 when the certificate was issued, and they’re not regulated by the ASIC either but they’re using the details of a legitimate company to fool investors. Take a look.

Coinmack scam

Coinmack Investment Scam

For obvious reasons you can not make money with a virtually anonymous, unregulated website like Coinmack, which on top of that bears all the hallmarks of a scam.

And just to illustrate what we are saying, take a look the website’s Terms and Conditions, according to which www.coinmack.co may disable your user ID and password in their sole discretion without notice or explanation. This is simply ridiculous.

No legit investment will ever restrict your right to access your trading account whenever you feel like to. see picture below

Coinmack Investment scam

That aside, Coinmack investment also claims to be involved in automated crypto mining. This is a common trick used by scam artists, and a good example would be a website called King Mining.

By telling us that they engage in cryptocurrency mining, people believe that they’ve a viable source of wealth and so they end up defrauding many victims.


It has always been said that investors who trust unregulated investment companies will always face disadvantages. They face the risk of losing all their money because funds are not stored in segregated accounts as required by the financial regulators.

Furthermore, Coinmack investment is not a reputable investment firm. They don’t have enough reviews or client feedback to inspire confidence.

This is a red flag because if indeed the company operated since 2019, they should be having so many clients who can provide feedback.

The bottom line is that nobody trusts a company that clones another company.

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  • Nice website


  • Fraudulent clone
  • No result and performance test
  • Anonymous
  • Unregulated

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