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ButrexInvest Review

ButrexInvest is an online investment site that is aiming to be one of the leading online investment companies globally. ButrexInvest will supposedly provide financial and wealth management services to all their clients globally.

ButrexInvest Review

Unfortunately, ButrexInvest is a total scam that lies about everything. They are neither registered nor authorized to offer investment services and every deposit with them will disappear in thin air. It is in your best mind to check the following review, if you still think it might be a good idea to deposit your funds with ButrexInvest.


ButrexInvest Review

ButrexInvest is packaged as a UK-based investment management company with extensive connections in different investment network, such as Insurance, Mutual Funds, Forex Investments and Cryptotrading and mining.

It may sound as a legit and attractive offer but it is not. ButrexInvest is not a legit investment firm because they are not regulated and even worse they are 100% anonymous with no details on corporate ownership.

ButrexInvest says to be based in UK and is a UK registered company. Not that we value much a company registration details because it is only important as the paper it is written on, but the funny thing is that ButrexInvest is not even registered in the UK. We even made the effort to check the UK company house registers and no company by the name of ButrexInvest was to be found there.

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ButrexInvest Scam

Even if ButrexInvest is registered in UK as an established company, it would not have the legal right to target customers on regulated markets like the UK, as all investment services there should be duly licensed and authorized by the local financial authorities, in this case the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.

ButrexInvest Owners

Notice that the owners of this website are 100% anonymous. Now, before investors can deposit with any of their plans, they need to be reassured that this is not a scam. One way to reassure them is to present details of the team members such as the name of the CEO, COO and other people that are actively involved in the project.

Unfortunately, ButrexInvest does not provide us with these details anywhere on their website. It is therefore a suspicious project.

Their sales presentation is very weird as they are omitting these critical details that investors need in order to establish whether or not it’s worth buying any of their account. Before you deposit fund, you need to ask yourself who are the people behind this management and what their past history like rather than trusting the figures which they are showing you on their website.

Most of these websites are shady in nature, and will not hesitate to lie about their deposit and withdrawals.

This is why we need proof of success or at least something that will convince us to invest.

ButrexInvest Breakdown

Address: 94 Old Street, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 9AY.

Minimum deposit: $30

Maximum Result: 100% of investment

Referral Bonus: 5%

Payment method: Crypto

Registration details: None

Regulation: Unlicensed

ButrexInvest claims to be a registered company in Uk but a simple research at the UK company house website revealed no such name registered. They offer 5 account types with deposit and withdrawal samples that can never be verified. Maximum ROI stated is 100% in 3days and there is a referral platform with up to 5% added bonus.

ButrexInvest ROI


Investment ROI

Most certainly you will not be able to make any ROI with an unregulated website like ButrexInvest, which on top of that is a 100% anonymous services and they are faking details of registration in UK. By now you should believe with  us that, 15% per day every day is not achievable in any legit business and worse in the financial markets.

So, when you see an invest site offering you a steady 15% daily return or 100% after 3days on your investment, you can be sure that it is a scam. And the reason why you will not be able to make any money is because you will hardly be allowed to make any withdraws.


ButrexInvest.com is clearly a scam because they’ve failed to convince us why we should be involved in their management. We don’t even know who we are transferring our money to because the promotion materials on this website don’t bother to explain.

They only mention that they are a professional team with a ”combined 20 years of experience in providing innovative investment products” but this is not enough as we need to know who they are. You can’t deposit your money to a project that is run by anonymous individuals. The people in charge of this project must come out in broad daylight to tell us why they think their management will be a success.

Furthermore, their website exhibits red flags everywhere we turn to. Especially, they are faking registration which they don’t have and worse being that they are not licensed to provide investment services in UK or any country whatsoever.

We would never recommend or ask anyone to sign up for this investment management as it is clearly a scam.

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