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Bixo Trade Review

Bixo Trade is a business venture of Bixofintech that wants traders to invest in digital currencies and reap daily profits. As always, we’re very skeptical and open our eyes wide open when reviewing these investment managers.

Bixo Trade claims to be the ”first block chain based Forex crypto currency Trading Index Fund”.

Bixo Trade Review

Based on our analysis of this service, we feel that they are not to be trusted 100%. This review proves that the investment platform Bixo Trade is an unreliable portfolio manager that can’t make you any legitimate money.


Bixo Trade Review

Bixo Trade is the website of a portfolio manager that claims to use Artificial Intelligence to ”make successful trading transactions every second”. The investment approach involves updating and upgrading an AI neuron technology which helps their experts to trade on the right assets at the right time.

Bixo Trade team

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They claim to have engineers, experts and self-learning bots that will design accurate trading plans to meet customer profit requirements every day.

At first glance it may sound like the ultimate opportunity to explore the cryptocurrency and Forex market to make some decent profit, but regrettably Bixo Trade is nothing more than an unregulated, made-up website, which has no legitimacy whatsoever.

Is Bixo Trade Legit?

Bixo Trade is not a legit broker, but Fake, unregulated website, which we don’t guarantee the safety of your funds. It is in your best interest to check our list of trusted and regulated brokers instead.

Firstly, Bixo Trade is a fake and bogus website. Although you will see photos of the team members and agents, most of the pictures you see are not real but fake and stolen by the people behind Bixo Trade. Check out the screenshot below, you will know that the photo of the agent called Ethan Carter you saw is fake and the real name of the person is Andy Harrington. You will see that the real picture belongs to a youtuber.

Bixo Trade Scam

Not only that Bixo Trade is stealing photos to make up face value, there is no information about licensing and regulation whatsoever.

Certificate of incorporation in the United Kingdom does not offer legitimacy as an investment manager in the UK soil or anywhere in the world.

If Bixo Trade were truly based in the UK, they should also be licensed by the local Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), but they are not licensed there either.

Bixo Trade Performace

Bixo Trade claims that to provide guaranteed profits using analysis and trading strategies to yield daily profits for clients.

Bixo Trade Results

So where are the results for the time that they’ve been running this service?

Their website does not provide this information. It appears that the service only wants to disclose these results privately through email with their clients.

This approach can be considered unprofessional because it shows the company lacks transparency.


When it comes to investment matters, we don’t want to take their word for it. We usually consider evidence of profitable trading through verifiable results. Bixo Trade has not provided these results so far.

We’re also concerned with the fact that this company is using fake pictures to pose as team members and agents. Why would they fabricate photos if they are legitimate?

Last but not the least, Bixo Trade does not provide details as to whether or not they are regulated. Therefore, we will not recommend them for whatever reason.

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