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Automic Trader Review (Stress-free Trading)

Automic Trader EA is a revolutionary tool designed to liberate you from the chains of constant monitoring and let you live your life while it takes care of your trades. No more deciphering arrows or second-guessing market directions, Automic Trader enters and exits trades autonomously, ensuring a steady accumulation of profits even as you savor the sweetness of a normal day.

Automic Trader EA Review


Automic Trader EA Features

Unlike traditional indicators that leave you hanging, Automic Trader operates on a whole new level of independence. It doesn’t just signal trends; it embodies them across six powerful currency pairs – AUDNZD, AUDUSD, EURGBP, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD. Why these? They’re the trendsetters, moving over 100 pips daily on average. Automic Trader thrives on identifying nascent trends using momentum and volatility indicators, executing trades with algorithmic precision.

Automic Trader EA Strategy

Imagine having the expertise of a Wall Street veteran at your fingertips, trading your money as if it were their own. Automic Trader does exactly that. It employs a dynamic auto-adapting trade management system, a strategy akin to the virtuosos of the trading world. It enters trades when conditions are right, then meticulously manages them, squeezing profits out of every pip before calling it a day. It’s as if you’re employing a highly-skilled trader, but without needing any trading experience yourself.

Automic Trader Pricing

Now, the moment of decision is upon you – the opportunity to embrace a life of steady, compounded passive income through the Forex markets awaits. Automic Trader EA offers two enticing choices: a yearly investment of $697 or a lifetime access package at $997. The latter grants you perpetual access to Automic Trader’s prowess, propelling you towards your financial goals without limitations.

In the rare event that you encounter any hurdles, Automic Trader’s dedicated customer support team is ready to offer expert assistance. Plus, you’ll enjoy lifetime updates, ensuring your software remains at the cutting edge of trading technology. This commitment to continuous improvement showcases the developer’s unwavering dedication to your success.

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Where Experience Meets Transparency

Behind the scenes of King Robot EA lies a developer who has weathered the storms of the trading world for more than ten years. This figure is not just a developer; they are a trusted guide, a mentor who has honed their craft through years of trials and triumphs. This wealth of experience seeps into every line of code, every algorithm, making King Robot EA a true masterpiece. With a track record built on reliability and consistency, this developer isn’t just a name – they’re a symbol of trust.

Verified Trading Result

Automic Trader EA isn’t just a tool; it’s a blueprint for verified success. With a real trading account, verified by MyFxBook, it’s a testament to its capabilities. While drawdown remains a challenge, its impressive gains, strategic approach, and unwavering win rate highlight its potential to transform your trading journey.



Automic Trader EA’s Myfxbook account isn’t just a portfolio; it’s an open book that showcases its journey through the markets. While the drawdown might give pause, it’s a reminder of the real-world nature of trading. Automic Trader’s performance speaks volumes about its ability to navigate these waters, securing profits and enabling you to shape a more secure financial future.

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