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Alliance Invest Management Review

Alliance Invest Management is a company that claims to be a professional corporation founded in June, 2017. Alliance Invest Management is operating from the web address allianceinvestmanagement.com and they allege to engage in cryptocurrency exchange, real estate management and agricultural production businesses.

Alliance Invest Management Review


This review shows that Alliance Invest Management is a fake investing manager that has no legitimate background whatsoever. It is in your best interest not to deliver any crucial details to scammers.


Alliance Invest Management Review

Based on their statements concerning what they do, we’re under the impression that Alliance Invest Management is soliciting funds from members of the public, claiming that they’ll invest it for higher returns. The question is, how safe is investing with Alliance Invest Management?

AllianceInvestManagement Scam

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In this case, the Alliance Invest Management regulatory status is of interest as we know very well that all investment managers in UK are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

But looking at their website, we find that Alliance Invest Manager is not talking about their regulatory status. Any website claiming to offer some sort of wealth management service but is not registered with the local financial regulator is definitely a scam. We’ve searched for their name in the register of FCA but failed to find them.

This means that Alliance Invest Management is a high risk financial service.

Alliance Invest Management Strategy

Alliance Invest Management claims to be an independently investment management company that delivers financial products and services with your best in mind.

In their about us page, they claim to ”utilize the most developed and the most innovative investment strategies that are designed to produce and promote long term financial profits”.

They also want investors to know that Alliance Invest Management delivers high performance with the clients’ projected satisfaction.

For us to include it into our list professional trading services, the company owners must show some level of transparency in addition to providing sufficient reasons why we should not think they are a scam.

Alliance Invest Breakdown

Address: Booth St W, Manchester M15 6PB, United Kingdom

Minimum deposit: $100

Maximum Result: 5% of investment

Referral Bonus: 5%

Payment method: Not disclosed

Registration details: None

Regulation: None

Alliance Invest Management provided address and phone number in United Kingdom but they failed to provide certificate of incorporation by the company house UK. The claim to have a lot of experience in cryptocurrency, Forex and agricultural product but did not introduce us to any live trader. There are 4 alliance invest management accounts – Basic Investment($100 minimum), Standard investment ($5000 minimum), Premium investment ($10000 minimum) and Platinum investment ($100000 minimum). ROI is in the maximum of 5% for the platinum investment and there is a referral bonus of 6% across all account types.

AllianceInvestmanagement Account

Investment ROI

Alliance Invest Management is claiming to offer asset management services to its clients with ROI of up to 5% daily of investment.

First, let’s face the truth. Returns are directly proportional to risk, that is, the higher the return, the higher is the risk. So, there are no ‘guaranteed’ high return products. If any scheme promises you abnormally returns like 5% daily consistently, it’s the first sign of an investment fraud in the making.

It’s not that one cannot get 2-6% returns from crypto, Forex and stocks. One can. But they will not be consistent. The global investments markets are highly volatile. Financial markets just don’t offer this kind of returns, that’s a fact you have to accept.

It is not an unpopular truth that, most of the time online investment scams can be recognized by their promised returns that are way too high to be legit.


Alliance Invest Management does not have approval to raise money from individuals. Our advice is that you should be careful. Never send money to these people.

Offshore companies may obtain your information from other sources and even give you a call. They may sell you some investment opportunity that will bring big returns in a short time.

Whatever the case, don’t send them money.

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