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24xtreme Trade Review

24xtreme Trade is an investment service that claims guaranteed investment in cryptocoin trading. 24xtremeTrade is masquerading as a reliable portfolio management, crypto mining and trading company.

24xtreme Trade Review


24xtreme Trade – Trusted or Not

On their website, you will see positive feedbacks from alleged users who are successful with the service. However, when looking at the reputation of the company, we find complaints from at least one client who said they have lost huge amount of money. That said we’re also concerned with the regulatory standings of 24xtreme Trade. The investment and trade manager does not provide any document or proof of licensing whatsoever. This shows that the service has neither been registered nor licensed to offer financial services. Whatever they do, don’t give in by sending them any money.

24xtreme Trade Breakdown

The service promises the following features.

  • Minimum deposit of $15000
  • Accept BTC payment
  • Returns on investment up to 400% in 2days
  • Hash 1MHz 48h mining contracts
  • Trading robots
  • Bonus up to 50%
  • Swift Withdrawal (2 Hours)
  • 24/7 Support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 2 tier referral system

This investment scam has managed to keep their owners and location under wraps, and this is a huge red flag. If they are honest with their dealings, I see no reason why company executives and location should hide. You see, even their names have never been disclosed. Yet this company expects investors to trust them with a lot of money upfront. The truth is that you should never trust this company.

24xtremeTrade Accounts

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24xtreme Trade Accounts

The service offers several trading accounts that clients can choose from.

They have a silver package that accepts a minimum deposit of $5,000. It has no deposit bonus but promises 100% ROI in 48hours returns. Gold account requires a minimum deposit of $10000, 20% bonus and 100% ROI in 48hours. Diamond requires a minimum deposit of $15000, offers 25% bonus and 150% ROI in 48hours.

VIP($20000), VVIPP($50000), Platinum($100000) account come with a dedicated account manager. ROI is 200%, 350% and 400% in 48hours respectively.

Fake ROI

The program is offering returns on investment up to a tune of 400% in 48hours just from alleged trading and mining activities. This means more than 1200% in 7days, which is a totally ridiculous number. No legitimate investment company in the world now can achieve this kind of monthly returns. The world’s best hedge funds don’t achieve these returns in a year, so talk about a week.

Referral system

24xtreme Trade offers 2 tier referral system with automatic payment. First generation offers 5% commission when clients sign up and deposit through your link. 2nd generation. You will receive 3% commission when others sign up through these people (2nd generation).

24xtreme Trade referral system

Is 24xtreme Trade legit?

What really counts when it comes to investment services is a regulatory document. It would be another story if 24xtreme Trade had a license. This would mean that the funds of clients deposited in their accounts are secure. However, this is not the case, and 24xtreme Trade is operating against all regulatory requirements.

When a service is not licensed, chances are that they are in business with the wrong motive. This is the reason why complaints are arising because the program is definitely a scam.

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24xtreme Trade Review Verdict

24xtreme Trade platform is not a real investment service. Even their location and ownership profile is no where to be found. They can steal all the money of clients without facing any severe consequences.

If they’re not getting this right, do not believe for a second that they will invest your money.

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