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21 High Option Review (Binary Investment)

21 High Option is an investment company masquerading as a leading binary options broker with high payout. 21 High Option’s website claims that they’re incorporated as a private limited company in UK. But this company does not exist anywhere. They lie to feign legitimacy. And the more they mislead traders, the more it works against them.

21 High Option Review


21 High Option – Scam or Not?

The reason why 21 High Option is a scam is because they lie about their registration status. The finding portrays their true intentions, which is to scam investors rather than helping them create more money. Their investment plan is of course too good to be true. HYIPs are generally a scam, and so is the case with 21 High Option. Also, money must be paid in Cryptocurrency and other methods that is notorious to scammers.

21 High Option Scam

I find it rather suspicious because reputable CFD brokers tend to accommodate a wide variety of payment methods, including ones that are susceptible to chargebacks.

21 High Option Features

21 High Option is supposedly an investment company that will make your money grow through binary options contracts. It claims to be made of a team of professionals with combined experience that supersedes that held by most other operators.

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They offer two investment plans with percentage daily returns on investment (ROI) for 30 days.

The First plan offers 5% daily ROI with a minimum deposit of $300. This amounts to a total 150% returns for 30 days including principal.

The Second plan offers a 6% daily return with a minimum investment of $2001. This equate to a total monthly return of 180% ROI including principal.

There is also a 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier referral program with 4%, 2% and 1% commissions respectively.

21 High Option Referrals

Fake ROI

The investment plans of this website is not real. 5-6% daily returns are absolutely unrealistic in legit investing and trading. Even worse, they claim to achieve this profits for 30 days consistently. Nobody can do that, it is just impossible.

This alone is a proof that 21 High Option is a scam, simply because they offer something that is impossible in the real world.

21 High Option Plans

This is dead giveaway of the majority of investment scams that we see on the internet.

Cloned Certificate

21 High Option claims to be registered in UK with a company address 7 Westport Street London, United Kingdom. However, when you do a background check, you will discover that the company registration number that this people are touting belongs to another defunct company with a different address in London. In other words 21 High Option certificate fake, the registration number belongs to another company.

21 High Option Fake Certificate

Furthermore, we could not find further info on their founding history, social media profile, phone numbers, etc. The lack of adequate company info and insufficient support methods reinforce the fact that this is not a trustworthy venture.

To be absolutely clear, 21 High Option is a 100% anonymous investment scam that is not registered anywhere in the world.

Is 21 High Option Legit?

21 High Option is soliciting funds from people all over the world for investment purposes. Providing investment services is a hugely regulated activity, and not only in UK, but all over the world.

However, 21 High Option has no license whatsoever to sell investment contracts to public. For it to be legal, 21 High Option would need an authorization from the financial regulator of the country where it is operating from. This is something that 21 High Option has failed to do from the word go.

As a matter of facts, 21 High Option is an illegal investment service that is very dangerous for your money.

21 High Option Review – Verdict

21 High Option is a scam that will steal your $300 worth of Cryptocurrency or fiat. They are not regulated and neither are they registered as a private limited company.

The purported registration certificate is fake and was cloned from a dissolved company. You have to stay away from it in order not to lose money.

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